Cleanliness is Next to Dogliness

It may not look like much but to the staff and animals at MSC it’s everything.
We have been piecing together laundry with donated machines and our staff and volunteers taking dirty or wet laundry home to wash since we opened. More time on laundry is less time to spend with our animals. And lots of stress and physical labor for our amazing staff.
Last week we had an industrial washer and dryer installed and it’s a thing of beauty. It’s going to make a huge difference for our team!
We did not have money in our small budget for such a purchase and our wonderful volunteers put together a fundraiser to raise the entire cost. Then they shopped for a bargain and coordinated the purchase and installation of the new machines!
Thank you, thank you to all who donated to make this happen. It’s not glamorous or flashy. But we needed it.You make Second Chances happen.