Elijah Rescues Puppy #10

Second Chances Goes To Eleven

Every once in a while we have a day that is really special. Today was that day.

Today 10 puppies and their mom safely made their way to Melissa’s Second Chances.

Our transporters, a mother and son team, Merrilyn and Elijah had arrived where the puppies were living, under a house. The puppies scattered and were hiding under the house’s foundation. The transport in itself is 3 hours each way! So 6 hours total drive time.

Elijah spent 3 hours in 100 degree weather crawling under this house retrieving puppies! 3 hours! 9 of the puppies were caught in the first two hours and he spent another hour looking for puppy number 10, refusing to leave them behind. Even though we told him we’d go back another day and try again. This photo is him crawling out from under the foundation with puppy number 10 in his arms.

We were rejoicing and crying at the news. We have lots of wonderful stories. But this was a true heroic rescue mission. Tonight 11 innocent lives will sleep soundly, indoors for the first time. They will be vaccinated, and medicated, well fed, and they will be SO loved.

When the days are hard, and some days are REALLY hard, we do the work for the moments like this one.

We hope this story fills your heart up with hope and joy just like it did ours.